About Us

LGA, Inc. was founded in 1965 to provide custom glass blowing services to chemists, scientists and researchers in the various fields of science.

In 1993, we expanded our glass blowing services to meet the needs of the decorative and functional glassware market. One of our first projects was to manufacture unique cruets for the olive oil industry, which we continue to sell today.

We have custom manufactured a variety of glass designs such as wine glasses, vases, candle holders, lighting and architectural glass and ornaments.   One our most unique glass design was fabricating a glass cube as if it were a melting ice cube.  A series of these cubes were made for a hotel's "fire and ice" fireplace. 

The growth of the decorative glass industry led to the development of our retail site, LGA Glass Decor.  In past years, we participated in our city's Open Studio event to showcase our products.  Today, we sell exclusively online.  

Our site features products that we have been involved in the design and/or manufacture.